EUO Complete Business
  • Learn how to easily and quickly tap into the 100 Billion dollar niche and position yourself as an EUO authority in just a few weeks.
  • In a series of short video modules, you'll have access to the latest EUO strategies, from the fundamentals all the way to how to set up your business. 
  • ​You'll get all the forms and templates to literally have an "EUO Complete Business".
It's all backed by our "More Than" 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  In short -- you'll love the training or get 100% of your investment back and keep access to everything.
Meet Your Trainer
Daniel Vazquez is National EUO, LLC CEO and founder of the EUO Academy.

Danny is a central leader on Claims, Investigations and EUOs in the insurance and legal industries.

As CEO, Danny took the knowledge and insights gained throughout his 20 year legal career to establish National EUO as the Nation's leading company on Examinations Under Oath.  

Danny founded the EUO Academy as part of his mission to share with others the insights, opportunities and amazing benefits of the EUO niche. The EUO Academy is an online platform dedicated to training Insurance Professionals, Law firms, lawyers and law students to learn everything they need know about the EUO niche.
Danny is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, corporate and insurance advisor, attorney for over 20 years, and national trainer for the legal and insurance industries. Danny obtained his JD in 1997, cum laude, from the University of Miami School of Law. In 1994, Danny obtained his B.A. in English Literature, cum laude with a minor in Psychology from Florida International University.
"I created the EUO Academy because this niche changed my life.  And, if you go through the training and implement what I teach, it will change yours, too."
-- Danny Vazquez, Esq.
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