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Welcome Note...
Why did we create the EUO Complete Business Program?

One reason -- the niche changed my life.

And, if you go through the training and implement what I teach it will change yours too.

I know that's a HUGE claim to make, but I take your investment of time, attention and money very serious.  And, I will deliver.

We originally built our programs for our internal use at National EUO to train our examiners.  But discovered the niche is so huge, has so many opportunities that...

Our mission evolved from becoming the nation's leader on EUOs to also the training leader of "Elite EUO Examiners" so YOU too can enjoy all the fruits this niche has to offer.
In fact, I'm so confident this is the best and most practical training you have ever seen, I have made it "risk free" for you to get started.

It's all backed by our "More Than" 100% Satisfaction Guarantee".   In short -- you'll love the training or get 100% of your investment back and keep access to everything.  (we realize some may try and take advantage, but you know what they say about karma).

Thank you in advance for joining the EUO movement.

Thank you for entrusting me with your most valuable assets -- your time and attention.
I look forward to serving you.

Daniel Vazquez
EUO Academy / Founder
National EUO, LLC / CEO
How Does It Work?
Once you upgrade your membership, you'll get instant access to our online platform to begin your EUO niche journey.

Each week you will gain access to a new video module (with a corresponding manual).

Each module is designed to give you the foundational knowledge and the practical strategies and tools for you to begin implementing.

Each module is broken down into bite-size videos you can access on any device so you can watch, replay,  take notes and write down questions.
And, you'll have support and answers to your questions every step of the way via private email, where I answer all questions and share additional insights.
By the time you complete the training you'll not only have the foundation and practical know how to start your EUO practice...

You'll have lifetime access to all videos, manuals and bonuses so you can reference as you grow your practice.

As part of the EUO Family, I'll be a call or email away to help you succeed.
Program Details
In a series of scheduled video modules, you'll have access to the latest EUO strategies, from the fundamentals all the way to how to set up your business in just a few weeks.  And, you'll get all the forms and templates to literally have an "EUO Complete Business".

We will start with Module I :  EUO Crash Course where you'll learn critical and foundational EUO and industry knowledge and insights you need to succeed.  

Then, we'll dive deep in Module II : EUO Conduct Course and you'll learn how to comprehensively prepare and conduct the EUO and any similar statements, like a pro.  

Next, in Module III : EUO Practice you'll learn the EUO practice and I'll teach our EUO success system that we continue to use to get hundreds of assignments until today!

Week # 1 - Crash Course
You'll gain access to "Module I :  EUO Crash Course" where you'll learn critical EUO and industry fundamentals and insights you need to succeed.
  • Introduction  - Road Map To Succeed In Course
  • Insurance Basics - What You Must Know About The Industry.
  • The EUO - Critical EUO Fundamentals
  • The Demand - A Request Won't Do
  • The EUO Distinguished - How It Compares To Other Statements
  • Who Must Submit - Types Of Individuals That Must Show At EUO.
  • Remedies & Waivers - Insurance Company And Insureds.
  • Scope & Topics - You Can Cover During The EUO.
  • The EUO Process - Explained In Detail.
  • Path To Profits - Fee Structures You Can Model.
  • Much More...
Week # 2 - Conduct Course
You'll gain access to "Module II :  EUO Conduct Course" where you'll learn how to properly prepare and conduct the EUO.
  • Introduction  - Road Map To Succeed In Course & Myths
  • Prepare - How To Prepare To Conduct
  • Key Components - Key Issues, Key Documents, Key Indicators.
  • Pre-EUO Call - The critical call before the EUO.
  • Conducting Commandments - The Do's and Don'ts
  • Phases Of Conducting - Tone, Base Behavior, Credibility and more.
  • Post EUO Process - What happens after the EUO.
  • Reporting - What To Include and How.
  • Post EUO Call - The critical call after the EUO.
  • Invoicing - Best getting paid practices.
  • Much More...
Week # 3 - Practice Course
You'll gain access to "Module III :  The EUO Practice" where you'll learn everything to do and say in your actual practice.
  • Introduction  - Road Map To Succeed In Course & Myths.
  • Initial Contact - What To Do During Initial Client Contact.
  • Receipt Of File - How to acknowledge and what to do once you receive.
  • The Planning Conference - What to say and do.
  • Scheduling The EUO - How to do it right and get cooperation.
  • Demand Letters - A detailed overview and analysis.
  • The EUO Day - What to do, say and even wear.
  • After You Conduct - Reporting, post-EUO call, getting paid.
  • Document Swipe File - All document templates used.
  • Email Swipe File - All communication templates used.
  • Much More...
Bonus # 1 - Private Email Daily Access
Got additional questions or doubts?

I'll be with you every step of the way.

Even though our training is very comprehensive and addresses most questions, everyone is unique.

On any given day, as you are going through the content and you have a question, I'll be there via private email.

My goal is for you to consume the content, understand everything and not leave any question or doubt unanswered.

Simple send me an email and I'll reply.
Bonus # 2 - Forms License
Copy, Paste, Implement -- to help you expedite your practice.

In your "Practice Resource" section you'll have access to all types of forms to use in your practice.

Literally, from the "New File Acknowledgment"  to "Received Check & Closing File" -- and every communication we employ in between.

The "Forms License" allows you to decide which you want to use in your practice and...Copy, paste, implement it!
Bonus # 3 - Templates License
Wouldn't be great to also have all the documents necessary for your practice?  We thought so too. ; )

You'll also have access to a resource section that includes each and every form we use every day. 

Your resource page includes all kinds of template reports, letters, invoices and even some great marketing materials for you to use and model.

Your "templates user license" will also allow you to simply copy, paste and implement.

Bonus # 4 - Continuing Education
Will I get continuing education credits too?


All of our courses are being submitted for Continuing Legal Education accreditation.  (10 - 20 credits)

Your patience is appreciated since it's quite a process to get nationwide accreditation.

As we continue to get each program approved, we will notify you so you can receive continuing education credits. 
Here's A Recap Of What's Included...
  • Week 1 - Module I   :   EUO Crash Course
  • Week 2 - Module II   :  EUO Conduct Course
  • Week 3 - Module III  :  EUO Practice
  • Lifetime Access To All Videos 
  • Lifetime Access To All Manuals
  • Bonus # 1 - Private Email Daily Access - So no question goes unanswered on a daily basis. During the course of the training you'll have access to my private email. (Priceless).
  • Bonus # 2 -  Forms License -  Single user license to all of the forms we use until this very day.  You will be able to just copy, paste and implement.  ($997 Value)
  • Bonus # 3 - Templates License -  Single user license to all of the document templates we use until this very day.  You will be able to just copy, paste and implement.  ($997 Value)
  • Bonus # 4 - Continuing Legal Education - All our courses are in the process of being approved and you'll receive credits accordingly. (10 - 20 Credits).
Your Investment Is Risk FREE!
Your investment is less than the revenue of just one EUO assignment. This means once you get your first EUO assignment, you'll get back your investment, you'll have lifetime access to all training, and it's all backed by our "more than" 100% satisfaction guarantee.
REMINDER :  Due to the personalized nature of this program we limit enrollment.  We may decide to stop accepting new members at any moment.  Click the button to enroll today before all spots are taken.
Total Actual Value Exceeds $5,988.00
Enroll today before all spots are taken.
Our "More Than" 100% Satisfaction Guarantee...
These programs are backed by our "More Than" 100% money back guarantee. 

Why "More Than"?

You will be able to gain all the EUO fundamental and practical knowledge, and have me as your personal mentor for four weeks.   If I don’t deliver as promised you can ask for your money back and keep access to all the training. 

I take your investment of money and time very serious, and I will deliver!   All I ask is you do the same, and show me proof that you have gone through all the modules, information and materials by sending me your workbooks completely filled out, within 30 days from your date of purchase and we will gladly refund your money. 

I'll see you inside the academy!
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