EUO Compliance Training For Your Entire Team
 We empower insurance professionals to successfully handle EUOs, ensure the company establishes an efficient, cost effective approach and maximizes all the benefits and protections provided by the EUO.
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EUO Compliance Training For Your Entire Team
 We empower insurance professionals to successfully handle EUOs, ensure the company establishes an efficient, cost effective approach and maximizes all the benefits and protections provided by the EUO.
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A Message From Our Founder
Be honest...How would you describe your EUO process?

Outdated? Lacks Alignment? Non-existent?

Well if you said anything other than, "A well oiled machine," you've come to the right place.  

Or, are you under the common misconception...

"We outsource our EUOs, so if anything goes wrong, then it's on them not us".

No matter if you conduct EUOs in-house or outsource your EUOs, you're ultimately responsible!
After having the privilege to work with thousands of claims professionals throughout the country, we realized the need for up-to-date, practical, hands-on EUO training. 

That's why we created the EUO Compliance programs.

We've now had the opportunity to train countless companies, SIU and other claims professionals in-person or online on the EUO fundamentals, EUO practice and EUO conducting.  

The best part is at each training we have been able to collect feedback, questions and concerns from individuals just like you and have continued to supplement and improve each training to include everything you need to ensure you are in compliance and protected

So you will be fortunate to receive the best and most up-to-date training on EUOs...GUARANTEED! 

If you're interested in making sure you, your team and your company are properly using the EUO and maximizing all of its benefits and protections, then contact us today. 
EUO Training Tailored To Fit Your Needs...
All of our programs are developed to train you on the latest practical insights and strategies that work today! 
EUO Compliance
The first key to take advantage of all the benefits and protections that only the EUO can provide, is to have a comprehensive understanding of the EUO fundamentals.

EUO Complete
The EUO practice is not what it once was, so you need to make sure you're employing the right EUO strategies and procedures during your pre, conducting, and post EUO process.

EUO Conduct
Conducting Examinations Under Oath  can bring countless benefits to the company, but it is also a process that may yield high exposure if not properly done
Why are we qualified?
 We actually conduct EUOs on a weekly basis and have been doing it exclusively for over a decade. If you are interested in hiring us to conduct your EUOs click to visit
Formal EUO training helps reduce the inherent risk in the process of taking EUO's and supports the accurate resolution of claims.  Conducting EUOs is a skill that you only become proficient at by experience and education. The training is critical to the education piece and necessary to the foundation of the process. The depth and breadth of knowledge and experience by Danny makes the training highly credible for the student and for the organization.
-- J.M.
Sr. Process Director
EUO Compliance
The "EUO Compliance" program ensures you are up-to-date and learn everything you must know about Examinations Under Oath, so you can avail yourself of the benefits and protections provided by the EUO.
Whether you conduct examinations under oath in-house or outsource your EUOs, you are still responsible for making sure your customers are treated properly,  the EUO examiner does not over step their role and you're employing the proper EUO process.  
Otherwise, you risk opening up the company to high exposure.

Program : This program covers all the critical fundamentals regarding the EUO, industry myths, critical insights, best practices, and advanced strategies to effectively deal with insureds, witnesses and others involved in the EUO process.

Participants : This program is designed to empower Claims professionals, Claims leaders, Fire and Theft leaders, House Counsel, Claims Legal, outside Counsel and any other claims professional who are involved in the assigning of the EUO, oversee the EUO, conduct EUOs and/or ultimately play a role in the decision to pay or deny claims based on the information and documentation obtained (or lack thereof) from the EUO.

Process : This program is available online or in-person. 
EUO Complete
The "EUO Complete Practice" program empowers you with not just the fundamentals you need to know about the EUO, but with advanced practice strategies and tools so you can master every phase of the EUO process. 
The examination under oath when properly handled should be a very streamlined process which provides amazing benefits to both the company and it's customers, by creating the opportunity to obtain all the information and documentation the company needs to decide upon it's obligations.  

Unfortunately, many have misinterpreted and misused the EUO, causing much confusion and liability which is why we created this program.
Program : This program covers all the critical fundamentals, teaches you how to comprehensively prepare and conduct the EUO, and goes in great detail into the EUO practice, from the decision to conduct an EUO to the closing of the file.   
From "when you should demand an EUO", how to employ "best practices and deal with pitfalls" while conducting, all the way to "what to do once the EUO is completed," this program covers it all.

Participants : This program is designed to empower EUO Examiners, SIU, House Counsel, Claims Counsel and/or outside Counsel who actually conduct EUOs, with the latest strategies, systems and tools to successfully handle EUO assignments.

Process : This program is available online or in-person. 
EUO Conduct
Conducting an examination under oath is very different from a simple phone interview, in-person recorded statement and even a deposition, this is why it is critical to have the proper training.  

The "EUO Conduct" workshop is a comprehensive and interactive training where 100% of the focus is all aspects and phases of the EUO conducting process and it addresses your company’s specific needs. 

This program will help you avoid all the pitfalls, teach you how to comprehensively conduct an EUO and ensure you get all the information and documentation needed to make the right claims decision.
Program : This program consists of an interactive workshop specifically created and custom tailored to address your company’s specific challenges when it comes to conducting the EUO and empower the EUO examiners with real practice insights, strategies and best practices relating to all the aspects and intricacies of preparing, managing and conducting the EUO. 

Participants : This program is designed to empower SIU, House counsel, Claims counsel and/or Outside counsel who conduct EUOs.  Due to the interactive nature of this training class size is limited.

Process : This program is available online or in-person. 
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