Level-Up Your Statement Taking Skills With The Perfect Statement™ Framework.  
No matter the type of statement you conduct or your level of expertise, you'll be empowered to confidently conduct a comprehensive and concise statement...every time!  
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What Is The Perfect Statement™?
The "Perfect Statement™” training is designed to empower insurance, investigation and legal professionals with practical strategies, systems and tools to master conducting statements. 

This proven framework addresses all of the challenges shared by those who conduct statements and teaches the systematic way to conduct any statement.  

Whether you are:
  • A beginner looking for a place to start or a seasoned statement taker looking to advance your skill set, this is for you!
  • Looking for individual training or training for your entire team, this is for you!
  • Looking to align your existing team or implement the proper statement taking process company-wide as part of your on-boarding process, this training is for you!
The training consists of a series of lessons that build on each other - from how to prepare, conducting best practices and systems, to what to do at the end, and all the critical steps in between.
One of my favorite quotes is from Steve Jobs and it reads:
“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”
These are words I live by on a daily basis.

For over 24 years my universe has involved the insurance, investigative and legal industries.   

During that time, I've had the privilege to deal with countless leaders who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the outcome of statements taken by team members, independent adjusters, investigators and even attorneys. 

I've personally also listened to and read thousands of statements...most of which share common problems.  

Many statement takers mistakenly view taking a statement as just a cursory process.

"The importance of quality statements is often overlooked and underestimated!"
Danny Vazquez
CEO of National EUO, LLC , the nation's leading company on conducting examinations under oath and other statements. Danny is an accomplished corporate and insurance advisor, Insurance Defense attorney for over 20 years, and national trainer for the legal and insurance industries. 
Often information that could have been obtained by conducting a proper statement is missed, ultimately leading to unnecessary waste of time and money. 

After conducting all types of statements from phone interviews, audio recorded, Examinations Under Oath, Statements Under Oath to Depositions, I can tell you all statement frustrations and problems can easily be resolved by conducting statements in a systematic way.

So I’ve decided to do something never done before and combat what I call the "statement epidemic". 

In order to do so, I contacted everyone I know that oversees or personally conducts statements as part of their job and asked them to share with me their biggest challenges and concerns as it relates to conducting statements.

After compiling all the data, I analyzed all the insights, strategies and tools that I've learned and used during the last two decades and created the "Perfect Statement Framework™".    

The Perfect Statement™ training addresses all of the challenges shared by those who conduct statements and teaches you the systematic way to conduct any statement.  

I'm certain that if you follow my system, you too will conduct the Perfect Statement™...every time!

Danny V.

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